Widower and The incontinent girl episodes two

Darren visits lizzy at college.


Lizzy had started to rub her diaper and think about the pastor. Then she felt guilty and stoped. She decided that that was not appropriate.  She tried to get pass it. She tried to move beyond it. 

She continued to attend his church.  She attended Sunday morning and evening services and Wednesday. She fathfully attended services. She was well known to the members of the church now. They really liked her. They tried to make sure she felt like part of the church family. 

He really enjoyed her coming to the church. He was glad she continued to attend.  It looked as if she had decided to come to his church. He was glad of that. He was pleased that she seemed to have decided on this as her church away from home. 

He knew that this church was not quite up her ally. It was a bit out of her ecclesiastical comfort zone. He was glad that she seemed to be looking passed it. He enjoyed seing her at the church. 

He was glad she was there. He was glad he was in her life. She was in his life in a way. He was glad of that.  He hoped that that would continue for some time. 

It had been over a mounth sense she started to come.  She was now part of the church family . that was how people in the church saw her. They hoped that she saw them there way as well. 

He decided to put together a care packege for her. He put it together for her. They got soap and hygene products. He did some research on her social media pages and discovered she loved dark chocolate and cheez it. He got her some. 

He decided to deliver to it to her in person.  He arrived on campus. He had no idea where her dorm was. He did not Know  if she have classes or not. He wanted to surprise her.  He wanted to encourage her. He wanted her to feel like she was part of the church. He wanted her to know that the church cared about her. He also wanted her to know that he cared about her as well. 

He parked at the campis parking lot. He wore a blue buttoned up shirt and jeens. He decided to dress down a bit. He got out of his car. He closed the door. He walked away from his car. 

He saw a student.  “Do you know Elizabeth cornors ?” darren asked. “Yes i am jill her roomate. ” she answered.” is she in class now?  ” darren asked. ” no she is her dorm. Do you want me to tell her your hear?”jill asked. ” could you?” he asked. “Of course.” she said. 

The dorm were co ed. He could enter the dorm. As a pastor and a Christian man, he would not want not go inside a dorm where coeds were. Jill told her that she would go get her. 

Lizzy had clases earlier in the day. She got out of classes an hour erlier. She rerurned to her dorm. She had worn a gray sweter and jeens and sandles. 

She removed her sandles. She could tell that she had soiled herself. She could not wait to get out of her wet cloths.  She unzipped her jeens and she retracted her pants.  She puled it off of her now bare feet. 

She could tell that her diaper was very full. It looked full. There was evidence of stain. She opened the flaps. She pulled off the very full diaper.  She washed her vagional area. She got a fresh diaper. She put some baby powder on her diaper area. 

She changed her shirt. She put on a green t shirt and diaper. She liked to go around in just a t shirt and a diaper.  

She was doing some home work. She put on a christian rock station on.she sat down on her bunk. She had a successful afternoon. 

Jill came in. ” um liz a man is hear to see you.  ” jill asked. ” is he tall dark or handsome? ” luz asked. “He ia a bit old. He says he is your pastor. ” jill said ” oh no!” she said 

She put on a green skirt. He put on her sandles. She ran outside. She saw him. “Hi. There. ” she said. ” hello Lizzy. ” darren said. “How are you? ” he asked. ” i am good. ” she said. 

She directed him to a picnic table. They sat. He presented her with the care packege.  “This is from the church.  Every one contributed.  ” darren said. “Oh my! Thank you.  Choclate and chese its.” she said. 

“I cheated. I looked at your social network page. ” he said. She chuckled.  “Thats ok. This was very thoughtfull. Thank you. ” she said. “Not a problem. I want you to know that you are a major part of our church. We are so glad that you hear. ” he said.

“Awh thank you. I really enjoy your church.  ” she told “i am glad. I hope that you will continue to come to our church ” he told her. ” i am planning to continue to come to your church. I have really enjoyed your church. ” she told her. 

He was glad to hear that. He wanted to continue to see her at the church. “If you need anything just ask. ” he said. “Thank you i appreciate that.  That meens a lot. You all meen a lot to me. ” she said.

” thank you. You are really a special young lady. ” he said to her. “You meen a lot to me. Everyone in the church has been so nice. You seem like a sweet man as well. ” she told him.

He fought the urge to blush.”well thank you. ” he said. She had pee in her diaper. She hoped that he did not notice. 

After a while he decided that he should probably leave. “I should be heading out. I did want to drop off the care packege.  ” he said.”i am glad you stoped by pastor. Thank you for coming and thank you again for the care packege.  ” she told her.

She walked him to the car. She hugged him. She forgot that she had soiled herself multiple times. She retracted. “Have a good day. ” he said. 

She went back to her dorm. She took off her skirt. She decided that she could not study after this. She decided to take a break. She thought about him. She wondered if he thought about her that way. She concluded that he did not. 

To be continued. 

Next up 

Lizzy gets more and more comfortable with his church. When the church has a dinner she fears how she will do with an extended time at the church.  How will handle diaper changes? 

No one thinks same things. 

A colege student likes fater girls.

Darryl was very thin. Some refered to him as a pensil. He was not just thin,  he was rugid. He kept in shape.he had worked in jobs that required some heavy lifting. He was kind, snart and quite mature. He was heavily imvolved in the church. 

At bible college,  girls wanted to Mary him. Attractive girls were throwing themselves at him. Well figuratively of course sense physical contact is not allowed at bible colege. He seemed to resist there entreaties. No one understood why.

Some of the young ladys got there dads to write letters of recommendations on there daughter’s behath. Pastors would go to batt for these girls. Stil nothing.  It seemed that he was not interested. No one knew why. It made no sense.  

He met a young girl named Alexandra.  He loved talking to her. He loved spending time with her.  He had similar imtetest with her. To him she was not a perfect match but he believed the perfect match.  

Others did not see it that way. They did not think that she was the best fit for him. They thought the exact oposite. They thought that she waa a terible fit for him.

You might be wondering why that was the conventional wisdom.there is a reason why They felt that way. You see he was preceved as quite atractive. She on the other hand, rightly or wrongly was not. You see, she was. A bit overweight.  

Alexandra, or alex, as she was called,was not obese. She was just a little overweight. She was Stil prety. Stil she was not seen as good enough for deryil.  She was shy and reserve. He found her engaging,  insightful and really funy. 

He had a secret. He liked fat girls. He did not like thin girls. He felt that there was nothing to him. A wife was to have and to hold . how can you hold an anorexic girl? He believed that the old saying, “fat girls cuddle better” was absolute truth.  He did not want an obese girl but wanted someone with more then just skin ans bones. 

He asked her to the fall formel dinner.  They had spent a lot of time together.  It was usualy studying together. She was stuned. 

“I dont think so. I appreciate the offer but i am going to decline. ” she said. “Do you not like me?” he asked. “I like you. I am not your type. “She said. “I really would like you to be my date. “He said.  “Is this some kind of joke?” she asked.  “No it is not.  I would not waste your time. This is a real invitation.  So will you? ” he asked.

She thought it over. “I cant. ” he answered. “Please alex. ” he asked her. “Alright. ” she said.  He smiled.

She only committed to one date. She. Styled her hair in a braid and a pony tail. She wore a blue dress. She met up with him near the dorm. 

He walked her to the dining hall. Physical contact was a no no but they walked close together. It was a great night. 

He continued to hang out with her after that. She told him that he was not obligated to.  He did not see that way. She was convinced that that was how he saw it. 

Finaly he asked her out. She declined again aa she did with the date. She then changed her mind after several times of him trying to change her mind. 

After a few years of dating they graduated from college. A few mounths after graduation he perposed mariege to her. Unlike prevous time she did say yes without much persuasion.  

They were maried that spring.  She was reluctent for him to see her naked. He could not wait. He ripped off her cloths. He took off her puple shirt and denim skirt. He tookoff her bra and panty.

Her fat body was a huge turn on for him.  He loved her belly.  He went at her with great vociferously.  He was like a revinous wolf and she was his prey.

After they cudfled. Cudiling with her was way better then he could have imagined.  

She asked him if she wanted her to lose weight. He got very qiet. “No ! Please dont. ” he pleaded with her.  she was realy suprised by his response. ” i thought you would like me more pleasing. ” she said.”you could not be any more pleasing if you tried. ” he told her.

She did not like that he felt that way.she did not understand him.he did not want to tell him the truth. He never thought that she would beleved him. 

He hoped that she would not lose weight. He wanted her to stay at ber current weight level.  

In talking with a fellow alumni she learned the truth. The graduate said that he rejected thin girls. She put it all together. 

One day he came home from work. She was naked. She was chained up. “Come on. Come get your fat slut!” she saif. He did. If she ever any doubts that about his fat fetish , she did not now.

She got pregnent. He loved her pregnent belly. She had twins. That was a huge turn on. They lived hapily ever after.

The end.

Notes not all men like super thin girls. I dont think hardly any man like anorexic girls. Many mught prefer thin but nor uber thin.  

Panty hose

The story of a young man who likes a women who wears nylons.

David was a mild manored bible colege student. He was shy and qiet.he was very reserve.  He was smart and was a good student. 

No one knew that he had a nylon fetish.  He loved panty hose. He like tights as well. He loved the Panty hose that went all the way up to the waist. He hated thigh high but loved actual Panty hose. It drove him wild. No one knew it. He kept it qiet. 

If you have panty hose fetish ,independent Baptist colege is probably a good place to go. There was one student in particuler who suited his fancy. One who looked great in hosery. 

Beth had brown hair. She offten put it in a pony tail. She was tall. She was 5.8. Her long kegs looked really good in panty hose. She usualy wore dress shoes but ocasionaly wore sandles.her toes also looked good in nylons. She sometimes would. Take her shoes off. 

The first time he met her was when he walked in to class. She was playing with her feet.  She pulled her shoes off and on. He got a good look at her feet in nylons. It sent him into a tizzy.

He said hi to her. She reaplied back with a hello. The conversation did not go mutch futher then that. He then went to his chair. Soon clases began.

He would get a view of her legs and feet. He realy wanted to touch her legs and feet in panty hose. He knew that even if she would alow him to ,whitch was unlikly , this was against policy.  Any kind of physical contact was not alowed hear. 

She was aware of his interest in her. She decided to be coy. She said hi but that was about it. They did not even get to smal talk. She suspected he liked her. 

She had fun with it. She took her feet out if her shoes in order to entice him. She rubed her feet when she knew that he was looking. She had fun with it. 

Finaly one day he started to talk to her.he asked her how she liked the clases.he asked her about homework and the like. They spoke more and more.

After a while she went on a double date with her and mutural friends and one other. It went very well.  He liked her but he had no idea if she felt that way. 

They spent more time together. She began to suspect more and more that he had a foot fetish.  “Do you have some kind of foot fetish?” she asked.he was very embarrassed bybher question.  He figured that he was done for. 

“Yes i do. Im sorry. ” he said. He was about to get up. “Where ate you going?” she asked.  “Well i figured that now that you knew about my odity we were though. Not that we were an item. Now we are realy not. ” he said. 

She smiled. “Sit down! ” she said he sat back down. “I am ok with foot fetishes.  I enjoy going barefoot.  I hate shoes. Understand the need for shoes.  I dont like them. I would go without shoes all the time if i could.  ” she admited.

For odd some reason that term made him a bit excited. Not so much him as a particular part of him. It was very excited. She could tell. 

“You dont think its weird? “He asked.  “I think its weird but it is not the end of the world.  “She said. He was surprised by that. “Oh ok. “He said. 

The two of them continued to grow closer together.  Eventualy they decided to date. After they graduated from collage, he perposed and she said yes. They maried that following spring. 

On the drive to there hotel, he grabed her legs. She wore nylons of course. She teased him about watching the road. When ever they stoped he felt her legs and feet. She found she responded to his caresses.  Her brain seemed to have been wired to be stimulated by his cereses. She liked to be on the receving end of his caresses.  She liked it as much as he like touching her legs and feet. 

When they arived at the hotel. He rubed her legs and feet in her nylons.he rubed them for a while before he removed ger nylons. By the time both were naked they were quite stimulated and ready to go.

He like eventually became a pastor of a church.  They had there first kid.she took a break   from marital activity for a while. When she was ready, she putbon nylons. She did that during her next two pregnancies. 

No one else knew about his odd fetish. That was probably a good thing. She got used to it. 

The end.


Is foot fetish biblical or umbilical. Well the bible does teach monogamy. One man.one women one lilifetime or till death due they part.  For a husbend to be turned out by feet not of his wife. Off his wife i see no problem.