The kidnapping 

a young women is kidnapped


Annie was a bright young lady. she worked part time at a retail store while at the same time taking college courses. She put a hundred percent into everything she did. She attened church. She loved animals. She voluntered at an aninal shelter.

She was known as a chocoholic. She had a distinct sense of humer. She loved to tease and joke around.  She could dish it out but she could also take it. She brightened the day of all she came into contact with.  

She was a home body.  When not at school, church work or the animal shelter she was home.  She usualy wore skirts or dreses outside the home. She was known for her love of flip flops although they rarely stayed on her feet. At home she preferred tank tops and pj bottoms.  That was just how she was. 

One night seemed like any other. She parked her car. She got out of the car.she only listened to a Christian radio station that plays contemporary christian music.  When she was alone she sang along.  Usually at the top of her lungs.

She walked up the stairs to her apartment.  She took out her keys and unlocked the door.  The door swung open.  She went inside.  She closed and locked the door behind her. 

She kicked off her sandles. She headed to her bedroom.  She was excited to take off her blouse and skirt. She was excited to get into more comfortable cloths. 

She felt like something was off. She could not put her finger on it. She dismissed it at first. After a time she was certain that she was not alone. She dismissed it.  She went about with what she was doing.  

She went in the closet.that was when she saw him. She was quite startled. He was six feet. He wore a blue t shirt and jeens. She nervously back away. Her whole body shock. 

“Why are you hear? What are you doing hear? What do you want?” she asked.   “You are going to do exactly what i tell you to do. If you do this you will be fine.  ” he said.

He had a gun with him. The truth was that this gun was not loaded.  She did not know this. She had every reason to assume that it was indeed loaded. 

“Please! Please dont hurt me. ” she pleaded with him. He assured her that she would not be harmed if he fully cooperated with him. She had no idea if he was teling the truth. At present she really had no choice. She decided to comply so she did. 

“What is it that you want?” she asked.  “I want you to do what i tell you.  ” he said. She said ok. “Ok.  When i leave the room.  Change into what you usualy wear at night. ” he said. She said ok. 

He left the room. He closed the door. She had no idea what was going on. She took off her purple blouse. She then unzipped her black skirt. She let it fell to her feet. She pulled it off. She unclasped her bra. She put on a night gown.  

She came out.  “You going to rape me?” she asked. “No. I am not.” he tried to assure her. “Are you going to rob me?” she asked. “No. I want a wife. No one will give me a chance. I want you to marry  me. ” he said. 

“Wow. Yoy are really good at proposal.  How romantic. ” she said. “You will leave your school and quit work. You will move in with me at my house. You will give your notice with your land lady. ” he insisted.  

“Any thing done under duress will eventualy be null and  void . you wont get away with this! ” she said.  “We will see. ” he said. 

He slept in a different room. She did not get much sleep that night. He woke her up the next day. 

Next up 

Annie is forced to marry an intruder. 


This is a work of fantasy and fiction.  The author does not condone activities depicted in this story.   

Transabled girl

a pastor son meet a girl in a wheal chair. all is not as it seems.

Mia and her family started attending the church my farther pastored. I was an asistent and youth pastor. I had graduated from bible school and was being mantored by him. I was kept buisy. I did not mind at all. 

Mia was five eight. She was fairly tall. She had long hair. She was in a wheal chair. She wore a white sweter with a black dress. She wore flip flip. Her waist area was very puffy. I had a prety good idea that she was wearing a diaper. Despite her, the family seemed prery healthy. I had no idea that what happened.  I was not dure if she was born paralize or if her paralysis was due to some kind of injury. I suspected the letter.  It was really none of my business. I do not want to embarrass her or pry.  

Despite the paralysis, she was still very attractive. I wanted to meet her. My dad and mom had gone over to meet her and her family. I realy wanted to meet her.

I was prety buisy getting ready for the service.  I was able to introduce myself before the service began. I did get to shake her hand.  

After the service, i got to talk to her some more. “I am glad you all came. ” he said. “Thank you. ” she said..”we are a really good church. I hope you will consider making it your home church.  ” i told her. She said that it was up to the whole family. She said she enjoyed her time today.i was pleased to hear that.  It apeared that it was a posibility that they continue to attend the church. 

They did continue to attend the church. They became a key part of the church.  I was glad to see them..i was especially glad to see mia. It did not brother me that she was disabled. It did not even brother me that she wore. Diapers or that she only went to the bathroom in them. 

I noticed that she could feed herself. I came to the conclusion that she did not have ms or lou gericks. I suspected that this was some kind of accident or injury. 

She was very sweet . she seemed to have a good sense of humor. I took every opportunity i could to talk to her. I really enjoyed talking to her. I hoped that she felt the same way. 

After it had been several months of them attending the church, i decided to ask her out on a date. I went over to her. “Mia i was wondering if we go out sometime.  ” i said.

She smilled and laughed. Are you asking me out on a date? ” she asked. I smilled.  “Yes i am. Will you go out with me?” i asked. “Of course David. I would love to. ” she said. 

“Do you want me to pick you up. Do you think you can get into my truck without trouble?” i asked. “Yes. It should not be a problem. ” she answered. She smilled. “Alright.very well. “I said. 

I picked her up the next friday. I parked my truck.  Her dad whealed her to my truck. “You take care of my little girl david. ” her farher said. “You have my word that i will. ” i told him.”good. ” he said.

I helped her out of the chair and into the truck. She had braided her hair. She wore a pink blouse and gray skirt and sandles. She put the sea belt on.

I put her wheal chair on the back of the truck. “It must be easy having a diasbled daughter? ” i asked. He had an unusual response. He had an unusual facial expression.  ” of course it is difficult ” was all he said in response. 

I got in the truck. “I have been wating for this moment ever sense you and your family first attending our church. ” i said.

“Really sense then?” she asked. He smiled.  “Yes. Sense then. It was more of a crush back then. Now that i know you i stil feel the same. Even more so now. Now i feel like i like you im truth. ” i said. 

We drove to thr resturant. I got her chair out. I drove the chair near her seat. I picked her up and brought her to her chair.  I closed the door. I whealed her inside. I brought her to a table.  

The waitress went out of her way to help her. Everyone seemed woried about her.  “Must not be easy having everyone doting on you. If it was me i think it would drive me crazy.  ” i renarked. 

“Look david i need to tell you something. I should have told you before. It is not easy.” she said. “Oh!” i remarked. I was a bit perplexed.  I had no idea what it was she wanted to tell you. “You see i am not really disabled.  ” she told me. I was really confused.i was not expecting that. “What? Your not? ” i asked in response.  

“No i am not disabled. There is nothing wrong with me. My leg work perfectly fine. ” she told me. At this point i was really realy confused. 

“your not diasbled? ” i asked. “No not at all. ” she answered. “You are in a wheal chair.  I know you wear diapers.  I know you use them.  I must confess i am really confused. ” i told her.  

“I am not diasbled.  I am what some have termed Transabled.  ” she told me. Now i was really confused.  I had never heard that term. I had no idea what it ment. 

“Excuse me! Whats transable?” i asked. “Well basically. I am perfectly healthy. I dont feel right. I feel like i should be disabled. I want to be disabled so i live disabled. ” she said.

“What?  So let me get this straight. You ate able bodied yet you chose to live as if your disabled even though your not? ” i asked.

“Dont look at me like that. Dont judge me..i work a job. I contribute to society.  I dont feel right being a healthy person. I chose to live disabled. ” she said. 

“Why do you wear diapers?” he asked.”i dont feel like i should be potty trained. I find diapers comfortable and comforting. ” she said.  

“Dont you feel that God created you to be healthy. Should int you be thankful? Most who are disabled would love to be able bodied.” i said.

“Its not that simple. I canot function as a healthy person.  I tried. It does not work. ” she said. ” this is a psycological issue?” i asked. “Am i psychotic?  Yes and no.  I have psycholigical isues. This is real. I do not plan to change. ” she said. 

I was surpised by all of that.  This was a very odd first date. Perhaps one of the weirdest on record. 

“I never thought that this was the case. Is there any thing else i should know?”i asked. “I really like cheez its!” she told me.

I never considered calling it off with her. She thought we were done that day. I called her a few days latter. We went on a second date. Then a third. 

After a time we oficialy started to date. She told my parents the truth. Like me they were shocked at first. They finaly came around to it. 

I was concerned that her muscles might atrophy. She did spend time out of her chair. She did walk around some thiughout the day. Her doctor knew all about her proclivities and worked with her. I wanted her doctor to tell her this was insane and to knock it off. That was not what happened.  The doctor seem to suport it. They did not discourage it. Postmodern thought i suppose.  My parents did not object to us moving forward so we did. 

We dated for a time.  I perposed and she said yes. We maried on a beutiful spring day. We had three kids. A boy and two kids. I worked a secular job but served as an unpaid assistant pastor at my dads church.  

I started to candidate at several churches. We informed the pulpit comitee of whats what with my wife. The whole church did not know. I ended up pastoring a fundamental bsptist church. 

While i will never understand the whole trabsabled thing i do love her. I always will. 

The end. 


Transable is a relutivly new term.  As i understand it it is someone who fells they should be disabled.  It us seen more in guys. I saw an article on facebook about a transable girl.
This story is not ment to endorse or to critical of trabsable. It is just a story.  

Widower and The incontinent girl episodes two

Darren visits lizzy at college.

Lizzy had started to rub her diaper and think about the pastor. Then she felt guilty and stoped. She decided that that was not appropriate.  She tried to get pass it. She tried to move beyond it. 

She continued to attend his church.  She attended Sunday morning and evening services and Wednesday. She fathfully attended services. She was well known to the members of the church now. They really liked her. They tried to make sure she felt like part of the church family. 

He really enjoyed her coming to the church. He was glad she continued to attend.  It looked as if she had decided to come to his church. He was glad of that. He was pleased that she seemed to have decided on this as her church away from home. 

He knew that this church was not quite up her ally. It was a bit out of her ecclesiastical comfort zone. He was glad that she seemed to be looking passed it. He enjoyed seing her at the church. 

He was glad she was there. He was glad he was in her life. She was in his life in a way. He was glad of that.  He hoped that that would continue for some time. 

It had been over a mounth sense she started to come.  She was now part of the church family . that was how people in the church saw her. They hoped that she saw them there way as well. 

He decided to put together a care packege for her. He put it together for her. They got soap and hygene products. He did some research on her social media pages and discovered she loved dark chocolate and cheez it. He got her some. 

He decided to deliver to it to her in person.  He arrived on campus. He had no idea where her dorm was. He did not Know  if she have classes or not. He wanted to surprise her.  He wanted to encourage her. He wanted her to feel like she was part of the church. He wanted her to know that the church cared about her. He also wanted her to know that he cared about her as well. 

He parked at the campis parking lot. He wore a blue buttoned up shirt and jeens. He decided to dress down a bit. He got out of his car. He closed the door. He walked away from his car. 

He saw a student.  “Do you know Elizabeth cornors ?” darren asked. “Yes i am jill her roomate. ” she answered.” is she in class now?  ” darren asked. ” no she is her dorm. Do you want me to tell her your hear?”jill asked. ” could you?” he asked. “Of course.” she said. 

The dorm were co ed. He could enter the dorm. As a pastor and a Christian man, he would not want not go inside a dorm where coeds were. Jill told her that she would go get her. 

Lizzy had clases earlier in the day. She got out of classes an hour erlier. She rerurned to her dorm. She had worn a gray sweter and jeens and sandles. 

She removed her sandles. She could tell that she had soiled herself. She could not wait to get out of her wet cloths.  She unzipped her jeens and she retracted her pants.  She puled it off of her now bare feet. 

She could tell that her diaper was very full. It looked full. There was evidence of stain. She opened the flaps. She pulled off the very full diaper.  She washed her vagional area. She got a fresh diaper. She put some baby powder on her diaper area. 

She changed her shirt. She put on a green t shirt and diaper. She liked to go around in just a t shirt and a diaper.  

She was doing some home work. She put on a christian rock station on.she sat down on her bunk. She had a successful afternoon. 

Jill came in. ” um liz a man is hear to see you.  ” jill asked. ” is he tall dark or handsome? ” luz asked. “He ia a bit old. He says he is your pastor. ” jill said ” oh no!” she said 

She put on a green skirt. He put on her sandles. She ran outside. She saw him. “Hi. There. ” she said. ” hello Lizzy. ” darren said. “How are you? ” he asked. ” i am good. ” she said. 

She directed him to a picnic table. They sat. He presented her with the care packege.  “This is from the church.  Every one contributed.  ” darren said. “Oh my! Thank you.  Choclate and chese its.” she said. 

“I cheated. I looked at your social network page. ” he said. She chuckled.  “Thats ok. This was very thoughtfull. Thank you. ” she said. “Not a problem. I want you to know that you are a major part of our church. We are so glad that you hear. ” he said.

“Awh thank you. I really enjoy your church.  ” she told “i am glad. I hope that you will continue to come to our church ” he told her. ” i am planning to continue to come to your church. I have really enjoyed your church. ” she told her. 

He was glad to hear that. He wanted to continue to see her at the church. “If you need anything just ask. ” he said. “Thank you i appreciate that.  That meens a lot. You all meen a lot to me. ” she said.

” thank you. You are really a special young lady. ” he said to her. “You meen a lot to me. Everyone in the church has been so nice. You seem like a sweet man as well. ” she told him.

He fought the urge to blush.”well thank you. ” he said. She had pee in her diaper. She hoped that he did not notice. 

After a while he decided that he should probably leave. “I should be heading out. I did want to drop off the care packege.  ” he said.”i am glad you stoped by pastor. Thank you for coming and thank you again for the care packege.  ” she told her.

She walked him to the car. She hugged him. She forgot that she had soiled herself multiple times. She retracted. “Have a good day. ” he said. 

She went back to her dorm. She took off her skirt. She decided that she could not study after this. She decided to take a break. She thought about him. She wondered if he thought about her that way. She concluded that he did not. 

To be continued. 

Next up 

Lizzy gets more and more comfortable with his church. When the church has a dinner she fears how she will do with an extended time at the church.  How will handle diaper changes? 

Incontinent pastor

a pastor develops blader isues.

Pastor dale bradford is the pastor of glory of God baptist church. He is thirty six old. He pastors the church he founded. The church did not have ant independent fubdimental baptiat church so he started one. 

The church went from two families to a core group and visitors. He had goten maried before he started the church. He had been an assistant pastor before. 

He and his wife had two kids. His oldest baley was now seven years old. His yoynger daughter mackenna or macy was four. His wife died not long after macci was born.

She died from a rare infection in her brain. One minute she was teaching a Sunday school class. The next minute she colapsed and died. She was pronounced dead by the e.m.t who arived on sight. 

He tried to make the best of it. His family and church family helped him out.  He tried to be the best pastor and farther that he could be.  He loved his kids and they loved him. The church loved and cared for there pastor.  

He was a qiet man. He did what he needed to do. He was a family man. He was not lonely. If he was,he gave no evidence of that. He kept it to himself if he was. 

He seemed content to be single.  After a while it was beleved that he would remary. He did not really try to persue anyone.  It did not seem to be a priority to him. 

If he asked,he told people that he was open to remary. He was not acactivity looking to remary.  He seemed to have an if it happens it happens.  

He had a secret. There was a reason that he was reluctant to get back on the dating market as it were.he struggled with blader incontinence.  He had a weak bladder.  

He had strugled with bladder isues all his life. He was able to potty train but he had accidents. 

On and off he would have isues. He would have leakege isues. He would be in his office when pee driped down his leg. He really hoped that he did not have a stain. 

One night he woke up wet. He had wet the bed.  He was astonished.  He stripped out of his soiled cloths. He got in the shower. He then put the soiled cloths in the washing machine. 

It was so embearising and humiliating.  One day he needed to pee. He was working on his surmon and he was on a role.  He put off going. His bladder released. He peed his pants. He tried to stop it but there was no stoping it. 

 He snunk home abd changed. He came back.  Eventually he brought a fresh set of  cloths with him at all times. He felt he had no choice.  

 He was woried something was wrong.  What if it was some kind of cancer. He went to his doctor.  The doctor ordered a bunch of tests. 

“It is not cancer. We rulled out anything  neurological.  No brain cancer or brain turnor of anything like that. The fact is you have. A weak bladder. It was not developed corectly. The fact is its going to get worse. ” dr. Micheal brandt said. 

“How much worse? ” he asked.”you can expect more of the same. ” the doctor told him. He did not find that encouraging.   

“I would sugest you start wearing adult diapers?” the doctor said. Dale did not like that idea. He did not like it at all. He knew that it was a solution.  As much as he loved lundry it was not that much fun. He decided to get some. He did not want to but the doctor was right this problem was not going away. That was for sure. 

He went to a drug store and picked up a package of adult diapers.  He went to a store on the other side of town.  He had his kids with him. The cashir did not realy say anything.  He was happy for that.  

He put on diapers when he got home. He felt weird about wearing them. He hated this.  It felt squishy.  He tried to not let it brother him. 

At first it was a meens of security.  He wore it in case of an accident. He did not intend to embrace incontinence or diaper wearing all the time.  

At first he stil used the toilet.  It was a bit of an inconvenence taking off the diaper and peing and putting it back on. 

One day , he pee while taking it off. He decided to use the diaper for its intended use. He had to pee he just did it. He felt humiliated by it. It was convenient. He became more and more used to it. Over time it borthered him less and less.

He did not want anyone to know his secret. He did inform the deacons sense it was techically a medical issue.  It was not revealed outside of the deacons bored.  

While it was an inconvenence,  it was not really detrimental to his had no efect on it other then extra time to get ready. 

It did curb his persuit of a new bride hoever. He did not feel any single lady would want to marry a man who was incontinent. He had kind of given up on that quest for the time being. 

A few months ago a new family came to the church. Rojer was a math teacher at a local public school. His wife Kathy was a stay at home mom but did work a few houers at a public library. They had four young kids. They had a daughter who had been away at college. 

He had never met there daughter.  He heard a lot about her.  He felt like he did know her from all the stories. Her name was tess. Her parents called her tessi.   

He did not think that he would see her that sunday.  She had come home from college for the summer. He was doing his rounds saying hello before the service.  He saw her with her family.  He assumed it was there prodigal daughter they frequently talked about.  

He stopped for a minute. He looked at her . she looked his way. he walked over to her. There eyes met. ” you must be tessi!” he declared. She only went by tessi with her immediate family.  She did not mind that he called her tessi. 

“You must be the pastor. ” she said. ” yes i am pastor Bradford ” he said. “It is good to meet You.  “She said. 

To be continued 

Next up 

Dale is immediately interested in tess.she is interested in him. Then he remembers he is incontinent. Then he secconds gueses thing.  

The widower and the incontinent girl 

an incontinent girl attends a church of a pastor who is widowed.

Darren mcmasters was the pastor of central valley baptist church. He had three daughters. His wife died in a car accident. A driver was distracted and ram into the pasinger side kiling his wife Caroline.  

He scalled back his pastoral duties slughtly after she died.  He gradually fully resumed his duties. The deacons worked closley with him. They were very supportive. They willingly picked up the slack. They were a huge hwlp and encouragement during a tyring time for him and his family. He could not have gotten though it without them.

Not just the deacons,  the entire church was behind there pastor. They did whatever they could for him and hus kids.  It did not go noticed or unappreciated.  

He slowly got back into the swing of things.  Over time he got back to being his old self. He was not extremly bubly but he was content.  He did have a silly side. He started to let ot back out. 

Despite his broken heart, he continued to faithfully communicate the word of God to his the people in his congregation.  He was always faithfull to that calling.  There was never any doubt that he loved his people and they loved him. 

Elizabeth moved to the area after Caroline died.  She was attending the community college in the town. She grew up in a Christian home. One of the first things she did sense she moved on campus was to find a church that she could get plugged into. 

She was more accustomed to more evangelical churches. She liked contemporary christian music and had participated in a praise and worship team at her home church. There were no evangelical churches in this town.  Your choices were either a u.c.c congregational church,a unitarian universilist church,a morman church  or a fundamental Baptist church.she decided to give the independent bsptist church a try.

She was an attractive young lady. She was 5.5. She had long brownish hair she routinly braided or put in a poney tail.  She was smart and got good grades. 

She had a secret. She had an overactive bladder. She never quite got fullt potty traned. She would have accidents. Most of the time she was fine.  She would have accidents heae and there. She decided to wear diapers just in case.  Now if she did have an accident,  it was no big deal. 

She eventually decided to get rid of real underwear. Instead diapers were her underware. She knew it would make her bladder weak but she felt like she really did not have a choice. 

She came to like diapers. They were comfortable.  She found comfort in them. She was not a full blown a.b.d.l but she adopted some aspects of the a.b.d.l life style. There was some crossover between incontinent and a.b.d.l community. 

She always tried to maintain good hygiene.  She gave herself an enema before church.  She put baby powder on her genital area. She then put herself in a fresh diaper. She put on a half slip and wore a black skirt.  She wore a blurish purple button down shirt. She styled her hair.  She liked to look girlie and she liked to get all doled up. 

She headed out. She got in her car and drove to the church. She always cut down her liquid consumption on sunday. She knew that she probably would soil  herself anyways but wanted to cut down that chance as much as she could.  

She arrived at the church parking lot. She knew little about fundamental Baptist church. She knew that lafies wore dresses or skirts.  She knew that they read from the king James . she knew that they sang from a hyim book with a piano and or organ accompaniment.  That was about it. 

She found a good parking spot. She parked the car. She got out of her car.she headed for the door. She walked to the front door. “Hello welcome to our church ” an usher said. “Hi im liz.” she said. “It is good to meet you.” the usher said.

She filled  out a Visitor card and gave it to the usher.  She then sat down.  Manny introduced themselves to her.They all seemed to be friendly. 

Then the pastor came in. He was told by the usher that there was a visitor.he liked to introduce himself to visitors.  The usher pointed out to where she was.

He walked towards her. he came into her view. He saw her. He stoped for a moment.  Then he walked towards her.  “Hello. I am pastor mcmasters. ” he said.

“Hi i am liz. I am new to the area and i am looking for a church. ” she said “i see. What brings you to the area?” he asked. “I am a student at the community college.  ” she said. “Are you living in the dorm?” he asked. “Yes. ” she answered. 

“What is your major? ” he asked. “I am an English major. I know the cliché! ” she said. “Do you want to teach English? ” he asked. ” i think so.  I figure with English it could leed in several directions. I would like to teach.  ” she said 

“Do you have a home church ?” he asked .”i do. I kinda attend a community church.  I am fairly conservitive though. ” she said. “We are a bit more conservitive. We are a loving church . i hope you will consider making this your church while you are hear In this area. ” he told her. “Well i certainty will “she told him. 

He then left to start the service. He welcomed everyone to the church.  She was not a big fan of hyim singing or piano.  She did like the preaching.  

She could tell that she had wet after bit during the service.  She hoped no one would find out. She knew that it was a medical condition but still.  She did not want it to be known by everyone at least not yet. 

She wished they used more modern music but other then that she liked the church. She was going to keep going.  She wanted to consider this as her church away from home. 

She talked to several people on her way out. Everyone was really friendly and welcoming.  They all encoureged her to come back.  She was prety sure that She would.  

She saw three girls with the pastor.  “Who are these charming munchins?” she asked. ” these are my daughter.  Tayler is five , baily is four and mackenzi is two. ” he said. “Hi i am Elizabeth. It is nice to meet you ” she said. “There mom died in a car accident a few mounths after maci was born. I am a defecto single dad. ” he said.

“I am sorry to hear that.  It must be hard raising them alone!” she said “it can be but they are good kids. “He said.”i can see that. It seems like you are doing a good job rasing them. ” she told him. ” i am trying with the lords help “he said.

“It was good to meet you”she said. She told the girls that it was good to meet them. She heeded out.

She went to the dorm and changed her diaper. She put on a fresh diaper.she changed into a jeens and a t shirt and went to the cafeteria. 

She changed into a pink tskirts and denim skirt for the evening service. She had a diaper change just before she headed to church. She went inside after she parked.

“Welcome back lizzy. I did not scare you away did i?” he askd. “Not at all pastor. ” she said. “Thats good To hear.    He said. 

She enjoyed his preaching.  She enjoyed him as well. She went home and changed. She went back to her dorn and put on a t shirt and diaper. She hung out with her roomate for a bit. 

She did not have any classes Wednesday night so she decided to go to church on wensaday. She wore a green t shirt with a gray skirt and fflip  flops.  

“I sm glad your hear lizzy” he said. “It worked out that my last class ends at four. ” she said. “Excellent. ” he said.

They split off. The women and men prayed separately. She prayed with a group of ladies that. Were two twenty year old and a thirty year old.they became close friends of hers.  She felt at home in this church.

She went home and changed into a diaper and a t shirt. She sometimes liked to rub her diaper. She thought about the pastor. She imagined him reaching inside her diaper. She realized what she was doing and stopped.  

To be continued. 

Next up. 

Lizzy keeps going to his church. She becomes more a part of the church.  

The disabled girl.

a pastor’s son and a disabled girl get together.

Jake was the pastor’s son. He had graduated from bible school.  He worked as an over night manager at a grocery store. He was the unoficial co pastor,assistant pastor and youth pastor. He sat in on deacons meetings and was a member of the truste bored. He was working towards ordination but had been given a lisence to preach by the church.  

He was handsome. Many young ladies hoped to snatch him. He resisted there entreaties.  Some suspected he was committed to being a bachelor.  That was not the case. His dad told him when its right you won’t have to ask if its right. 

He was content to wait. He kept himself buisy. It did not brother him that he had not found miss right.  He felt like he was where he needed to be.he believed he was doing what he needed to do. He was content.  

For some reason wheb someone gives up on love, love seems to show up a week or so later. That was how it was with jake. Just as he had accepted the posibility of perpetual singleness,  she showed up.  

Jake was getting things ready going for the service. A new family started to walk up the ramp. There was the patents and four kids of various ages. Then there was her. 

She had long brown hair. She had braided it in the middle. She was about five six. She wore a brown blouse and a gray skirt and dress shoes. She apered to be in her early twenties.  She seemed perfectly normal.  That is, except for the fact that she is in a wheal chair. 

He saw her from a distance.  He felt draw to her. She was prety. She did not look disabled. She apeared nornal just in a wheal chair.  He wanted to meet her.

As the unoficial co pastor it was his job to welcome guest. It would be even if he was joe church member. This gave him an in with her. At least he hoped it did. 

He went over to Them. “Hi welcome to avery baptist church. I am the assistant pastor Jake deen. My dad is the pastor.  “He said.

Her dad introduced themselves. “Hi i am ross mulligan.  This is my wife sandra, my daughter kat, janey jack and lissa. ” he said. 

He shock there hands and greated each of them. When he came to kat,he lingered a few seconds more. He realized that fact then retracted his hand. She seemed shy nervous. 

He knew nothing about her beyound her name. He did not know how she came to her paralysis. Was it a car accident?  Was it an ilnes?Was she born without being able to walk? He figured she was not transabled. He figured it was a real disability not in her head. 

“Are you new to the area?” he asked.” job relocated me. I work for edson industries. .i am taking over as director of eastern operations. ” her farther said. 

He tried not to stare at her. It made her nervous. She thought he found her a freak. What really happened was thst he found her really attractive. He was admiring her.  He knew that he was probably out of line so he backed off. 

After a while they went inside. He hoped that they would contiue to attend there church. 

They continued to come. He said hello to them. He made sure that he said a personal hello to kat. 

He wanted to chat with her but was scared to. He waited a while. Then after a couple of mounths, he decided to go see her. It was during a church dinner. He went over to her.  He sat next to kat. 

“Hi” Jake said. “Hi . do i call you pastor or can i call you Jake? ” kat asked.  “Jake is fine. ” he said. “Ok.hi jake. ” she said.  “Hi kat. ” he said. 

She seemed nervous.  He had no idea why. “I am glad you and your family have been comming to our church ” he said. “Yes. We like it hear.  ” she told him. “I am glad to hear that. I am so glad you are all hear. You are already an important part of this church family.” he told her. “Thank you. That means a lot. “Kat said. 

“We love to see new people at the church. We especially are excited to see new families at the church. ” he said. 

“You have not asked me about my disability . I cant believe your not curious!” she remarked. 

“I must admit that i am but i dont want to be rude. ” he said. “Its ok. I was riding my byke. A car slammed into me. He was distracted. He did not realize it. He drove off. Luckily another driver stopped and called 911. I am paralyzed from the waste down. ” she said. 

“I am so sorry to hear that. I feel bad that that happened.” he told her.”i am at peace with it. I was devisated when it first happened. I slipped into a deep depression and stayed there for a long time. I am over it now.  I have accepted it. It does not brother me any more.  ” she said.

He tried to talk to her when ever he could.  He enenjoyed talking  to her. At first she was fairly elusive.she seemed to back off quite a bit.  He refused to let her slipp away for too long. He kept pursuing her.

She was reluctant to let him in. Not because she was not interested in him. She had a secreet. The accident left her saverly incontinent. She wore adult diapers. She was totaly fecaly and bladder incontinent.  It made her very self conscious and insicure. She was told she could have children. She Was afraid that it he learned the truth ,he would want nothing to do with her.  

He kept pursuing her. She kept him at arms laungh for a time. After a while she started to falter.  She let him in a little bit more and more.

“What is your thoughts on us? ” kat asked him after a few mounths of them meeting each other. “Well, i realy like you. I am extremely open to a relationship to you. I am open to considering marriage.  ” he told her. 

“I see. I suspected that but i was not totaly sure.  ” she told him. “Are you open to such a relationship? ” he asked her. “I am open to such a relationship.  The acident did number on me.  Not only did i loose the use of ny legs but it did a number on other bodily functions.  You see i cant control my bowels and bladder. I am not poty traned any more. I tried to re learn it but was unsuccessful.  I gave up. ” she said.

“Do you wear diapers? ” he asked. “I do. I get pretty messy. If that scares you its ok. If this is a deal breaker to any future relationship, its ok. I totaly understand.  ” Kat said.

“No i am ok with it. ” he said. “Are you sure?” she asked.  “Yes i am totaly sure. ” he tried to assure you. “I have not datted sense the acident. I need to know your really in this. “Shs said. He asured him he was.

They hung out for a while. Then they decided to go on a date. They went to a restaurant.  She gave herself an enima. She wore extra adsorbent diaper. She always brought a diaper bag with her. She wore an adult onesie. She wore a dress. 

The date was a huge success.  It fostered nore dates.  After a time they decided to become an official cocouple. He eventually proposed and she said yes. They were maried at his dads church.his dad officiated the wedding.  

After the wedding they went home. He had built a house from the esate of a late great uncle. They decided on a stay cation honymoon. Neither one were interested on going on a trip or anything.  

He brought in her wheal chair.  He then picked up her and caried her across the threshold. She loved it. He layed her on the bed.

She was powerless.  He tore off her wedding dress.  He took ofg her corsets and slips.  He unclasped her bra and pulled it off. 

Her diaper was very full. It was fillef with poop and pee. He pulled it off.he leaned over so she could unbutton his shirt. He had pulled off his suit coat. She was able to get off his coat. 

She unzipped his pants.  She pulled most of it off.he did the rest. She took off his underware. He was gentle as he got on top of her. 

She had pee while they were undressing. He had watter proof the bed in preperation for her moving in. She was humiliated but she had to get used to it. 

He thrusted himself in her. She could not feel her legs. She could feel his thing inside her. She begged him to keep going. He got more and nore aggressive.  He finished.

They cuddled afterwards. She peed while they cuddled.  It did not brother him. He put a fresh diaper on her.  He cleaned the bed.

They both liked sex.  She became pregnant.  She gave birth to twin girls.a few years later she had a son. They were a  happy couple.  

The end.


This is a work of fiction and fantasy.  I did not do any reserch into disability.  I may have gotten the science wrong.  I pulled this out of thin air. It is not designed to be scholarly.   I do this for fun. I could be way off gourd on the science and probably am. 

The prison gaurd husbend

A young women meets a man at church. He is a prison gaurd.

Elise, nicknamed ellie was maried to brad. Ellie was the daughter of a pastor. She attended a Christian college.  She had taught at a Christian school. She was very girly.  She was also very modest. She was only wore dreses or skirts.  They were always well below the knee. She was sweet.  She was smart as well. She was qiet.

SHe attended a very strict fundamental Baptist church. She was active in the church. She taught in sunday school and was involved in other children ministry in the church.she was busy at the church. That was how she met brad. 

Brad was tall but not a gient. He was taller then she was. He was six feet tall. She was five 10. He had a crew cut hair cut. She liked to work out.he was soft spoken. At church he was very reserve. She knew alnost nothing about him at first.  He came one Sunday and was there every single sunday from then on. 

She did not meet him until a few weeks after he started attending on a regular bases. She met him formerly dueing the greeting time folowering announcement.  She shock his hand. She felt a conection with him just from that first meeting. She had strong feeling that this was the start of something bigger between those two. She never had any reason to doubt that. 

The first few weeks, the extent of the two interaction was the greeting time. She really wanted to talk to him more exstensivley. She was scared to. She did not know how to talk to him. 

Her chance came when the church hosted a dinner folowering the morning service . the chair next to him was vacent. She stoped for a minute. She was really nervous. She decided to take the risk. She went over to him. 

“May i join you?” she asked. ” of course. Please. ” he said. She sat down. “So i understand your teach at the school? “He asked. ” first and seccond graders.” she answered. “I take it you enjoy it?” he asked.  ” i definently do. ” she answered.  ” i had a feeling you did.  ” he said.

“What do you do for a living?” she asked.  His face went very stoic. She had a feeling he was reluctent to answer. She had no idea why.

She first thought maybe he was unemployed or mayby worked at the nearby casino or a bar perhaps. He got really quiet.  He lowered his vioce. ” i work as a gaurd at a women’s prison. ” he said. “Oh!” she said. 

“I know. I usualy try to keep it quiet.  ” he said. “How did you end up there?” she asked.  “I was a military police in The army.  I aplied to police forces and private security but the prison called me for an interview.  They ofered me a job.” he said.

“I see. It is a job. “She said.” it is. ” he said. ” i do not know any Christian men who do that work.  ” she said.”do you disprove? ” he asked. “No. I am just taken a back. I am stuned but no i am not offended. ” she said. ” ok.” he said .

He kind of liked her. He was pleased when she sat next to him.  He was cetain that any chance he might have  had was gone. He avoided her for the next few weeks.

Finaly she went up to him.” hi ellie. ” he said.”hi there. Look i am Sory for my reaction. I did not meen to react the way i did. I guss i was just surprised. “She said.  “Well i understand. It is a bit unconventional work even for a non christian. I guss i am a little touchy with it. It is dificult i guess. Work is hard to come by. This is a good job with banefits and pay and insurance. ” he said. ” i understand that. I really ment no ofense. ” she said. 

“So what kind of uniform do inmates wear ?” she wispered. ” yellow two peace wcrubs with a white undershirt in winter with blue shoes or flio flops with the option of sox although some chose not to wear them.” he said.”i see..” she said. 

They started to hang out at church. They hung out a little bit more and more. “How is work?” she asked. “Going goodm i work on a low security floor. I dont have too much trouble.” he said.”so i dont have to too concerned for your safety?” she aaked.  “Not really no” he answered. “Good.” she answered. 

They became friends. He eventually ask her out a date. She said yes. The first date lead to more. After a time, they became an official couple. 

Then they went to dinner.  ” el, i am getting a new job?” he asked. “Oh?” she asked. ” i am goung to work as head if secuity for the edson plant. My pay is about the same but i could make a lot more in a few years .”he said.

“I did not know your planing to leave the prison? ” she asked. I was not realy looking for another job. I just sent some feelers. Edson industeries bit. I figured you would perfer your fiancée to not work as a gaurd at a women’s prison.” he said.

“Well your my fiancé yet. ” she said in a flutacious tone. ” i was hoping that will change. “He said. He got on one knee and perposed. She said yes. She was thrilled. 

They got maried the next spring. They were a happy couple.  He talked in his sleep. “Ellie it is time for a strip search. ” he said in his sleep.”do i have to?  ” she said in real life. He woke up. 

She started lauthing uncontrolubly. “What?”he said .”aperently you were about to subject me to a strip search !” she said. ” oh! ” he said.

She pointed to her nightgowan. ” do i need to remove everything?” she asked in a playfull tone. “I am sory. I dont know where that came from. I really  thought i left all that behind. “He said. 

She hugged him. “Your brain is stil trying to figure everything out. ” she said. ” i gues so. ” he said .

The next night.  ” why are you not in a prison uniform prisoner?” he asked.” mayby you should strip me and put me in one? ” she remarked. He woke up. ” did i talk in My sleep again?” he asked.” yes you did. ” she answered.  “Did i try to subject you to a strip search?” he asked. ” apearently you perfer me in a prison uniform. ” she  declared. ” i dont really!” he said.

“Are you sure?”s he asked. “I think i am. ” she said.  ” i dont know i dream about me being a gaurd and you as a prisoner. ” he said. ” you want me to imprison me?” she asked.  “Well no.”he said . 

That afternoon,  he came home from work.  “Elie elie!” he said. He went into the bedroom. She was in an orange prison style jump suit and was barefoot.  She was tied to the bedpost. 

“What are you doing?” he asked. ” i am an inmate?  I was being unruely so i has to be restraned. ” she said. ” you were being unruely?” he asked. ” i am a bad girl! You might need to punish me!” she said.

He unbuttoned her jumosuit. He pulled off her panties. He unzipped his pants and unserware. His thing was fairly erect. He had a big thing. His thing went inside her.  His penis kept going on. He climaxed. 

“So do you have a thing for women in prison?” she asked. ” i did not think i did but i gues i do. ” he said. 

She got pregnant. He worked her being pregnant into a story line. Aperently she was a tax evader and discovered she was pregnant during intake. 

She gave birth to a baby girl. They continued the prison thing. She liked being a prisoner.  She was always asking him questions. She was curious about prison.  She had been for. A while.  

He had a prison fetish too. He still dreamed of her in prison.  She played along.  

The end.