The girl in pain 

craig meets a young women who experiences a lot of pain.


When Crag’s dad became pastor of eternity Baptist church. craig was in bible colege. He took over in the sumer over the break.  He went with his family as he was still technicaly living at home when not in school. He was going to help out his dad. He was training to be a pastor. He would help out in the church during the summer mouths before going back to college. It was during that time he met his future wife his sweetheart.  

His dad had taken over as pastor while he was still at college.  He had been looking at a new church to pastor after moving on from her previous pastorate. It had a couple of mouths. He met his future wife the first sunday he was back from college.  

He said helo to people.  He introduced himself. His dad planed on putting him to work over his sumer and he wanted people to become familar with him. He wanted the church to get use to him. He wanted to get to know them. 

He talked to several people.  He was a people person.  He enjoyed getting to know people.  His dad realy likes this church.  Craig hoped that he would take to it as his farther did. Everyone was realy freindly. Several had gone to or had relitives who went to his colege. That gave them something to talk about. 

He saw a family of a father and morther. With them was three tenaged daughter,two younger boys.  The mother was holding a baby girl. One of the daughters caught his eye. He gaused that she was in her late teens or early twenties.  

She was different from her siblibgs. She was not quite as bubly as her siblings. They were all very cheerfull. She seemed more serious. He had no idea why.  

She had her hair in a poney tail. She wore a gray dress and sandles. Her dad introduced himself and his wife and there kids. He said hello and shocked there hands. He introduced her as tess. 

“Helo tess. It is good to meet you. ” he said. She gave a half smile. “It is good to meet you. ” she said. He tried to engage her in conversation but she was realy not interested.  He backed off. He hoped that he could talk to her later. He hoped he could get her to oppen up.  

Early on she said very little.  He usualy managed to get het to say hi.sometimes he managed to get a hi how are you but usualy not much beyond that. He was determined to get her talking.  

He made sure he said hi to her. She was always stoic almost taciturn. She never seemed happy.  He never saw her smile. He cant believe she did not know how.  The rest of her family were almost zaney. Always lauthing. Just not her. He had no idea why. 

One Sunday there was a church diner.he sat next to her. She wore a green dress and sandles. He did not ask. He just sat down.   “I love church diners.  ” he said. She looked at his plate. “I can tell. Are you going to eat all that?” she asked. “I am planing on it. Are you implying i might be a gluten? ” he asked. “No no. Just wondering. ” she said.  “Ok. ” he said. 

He noticed she could go though phases. One minute she was talkative. Then she was qiet. He noticed that she seemed to be waiting for him to leave for her to get up. He caught on and walked away.

When he saw her again, she was standing. He told her he hoped that she would have a good rest of her day. She talked a little bit more after that. It took some work. He did not stop. 

The summer was winding down. He would be going back to college.  He went up to her. “Hi i was wondering if you be interested in going out for cofee sometime? ” he asked.  

“I would be interested but any plans would have to be tentative. I may need to have a rain check. I am sory but i cant make hard plans. ” she said.”yes thats fine. Can we tentativley plan on thursday?” he asked.  “Yes that would be fine. I will try to give you advanced notice if i have to cancell but i will try not to.”she told him. 

“Thats fine i understand. ” he said. “I will try to make this happen. I really will. If nit Thursday some time soon.” she assured him.

At first he thought that this was a polite blow off. She was giving herself an out. He almost considered it a fate comple that she would not be comming. The way she was talking it seemed like she wanted to make it. He had no idea what was going on. 

He waited for her to call and cancel. At wendsday night midweek he asked her if they were still on and she indicated that they were. He got ready on thusday. He wore a blue button dowb shirt and khakis.  He got in the car and headed for her house. He feared she might not show. 

He parked by the house. He got out and walked to the door. She wore a green t shirt and denim skirt and flip flops. She had painted her toe nail and finger. nails sense there last visit. She had braded her hair and put ribons in it. She looked nice.  

“You look realy nice today!” he said.”thank you” she said. She smiled as she said it.  “I got you these”he said.she smiled as she saw the flowers. “Thank you . they are really pretty. ” she said. They went inside. She put them in water.

He said helo to her parents.  Then they left. She took his arm. Her parents seemed ok with it. Her parents trusted him. He had a good reputation. 

They went to the cofee shop. They both had ice cofee but she put more cream and surger then he did. They had mufins as well. 

“I need to tell you something craig. ” she said. “Ok tessy whats up? ” he asked.”well i am in almost constent pain. It is anything from mild discomfort to overwhelming pain. The doctor have no idea why. They dont know what is causing it. I am on pain medication. It casuses mood swings. I get tired easily. That is why it is taking a long time for me with my clases. I work for my dad part time. I am not able to do too many houers. I do a lot of the bookkeeping at home. I do other stuff at home.” she told him. 

“I am so sorry. I did not know.” he said. “I dont like to talk about it.i am bot a woe is me kind of person.  That is why i am so qiet. That is why i am not as bubbly as the other kids.should you ask me out again and i kinda hope you do, i might have to sometimes postpone without a lot of warning. I apologize.  “Tess said .

“No its fine. I totally understand.  I will definitely ask you out again. ” he said.”good. I was a little woried i would scare you away. ” she said. “No i do not scare easily. ” he said.

“I am so glad.  I will try not to test that.”she said. He laughed. “I am glad you told me. It explans a lot.  You seamed reserve. Yet i could tell your a warm freindly person. ” he said. “I would be bubly and outgoing like my sisters are. I used to be.  I just canot physically do it. ” she said.  “I totaly understand. I can see why that that would afect you. “He said. “I am trying to work though it. I am trying to have a quality of life with this is not easy. ” she said. 

“I can understand that it would not be. It would afect life definitely.  ” he renarked. “I was afraid you would think i was rude. ” she said. “No i did not” he assueed her. She smiled. “I am glad. ” she said. 

They decided to head out after a time.  She took his arm. “Thank you for tonight.  This was wounderfull!” she said.  “My plesure. Are you available Tuesday lord wiling and all things considered of course.” he asked. “Yes i would love that. “She remarked. 

He drove her home. “Thanks once again for a great time. ” she told him. “Thank you. I has a great time too. “He told her.  He watched and made sure she made it inside.  Then when he saw the door close he drove off. 

He found her different when he originaly envisioned her to be. She was really sweet. He looked forward to getting to know her. He knew his sumer was winding down. Soon he would be back to colege. He hoped to be able to keep in touch with her. He hoped that this would turn into something more about permanent. 

Next up 

Craig and tessy grow closer. They try to fugure out how to make it work. 


At first this was going to be a series then a stand alone. Now it is a series again. 

Not a lo of erotica in this one. There may be in subsequent editons. 

The medical stuff made be off. I considered having her diegnosedbwith fribromialga but i dont feel like i have enough understanding of it. 

The incontinent pastor part three

dale runs into tess at a cofee shop.

Dale Bradford was a widowed pastor. He considered dating tess a young women whose family moved to the area. Then after incidents with blader and bowel incontinence, he decided not to. 

He avoided her. He said helo to her when she left but that was about it. She was surprised that he seemed to be avoiding him. She had no idea why. She did not try to press it. She decided to give him space. 

She suspected that mayby she was wrong about him. Mayby she just thought that he was interested in her. She tried to ignore it.  

She decided that he was not going to pursue her. She gave up on it. She tried to ignore it. She treated pastor bradford as pastor bradford. He was her pastor.  He was in auhthority over her. She would treat him ad a spiritual leader.  

He forgot about her. He abandoned any thoughts of dating her. He stuck to business.  He had a job to do and he would do that to the best of his ability. 

Friday was his day off. That was the day he liked to have family day. He decided to take the girls out for donut at a local cofee shop.  

He had put on a fresh diaper. Sense he was going to be drinking cofee, he figured that he should have a fresh diaper.  He had put a new one on. He got the kids ready to go. He wanted this to be a lesurely time. He wanted this to be low key and fun. He liked to make memories with the girls. He wanted them to have these memories. 

He picked up the youngest daughter and held  the hand of his oldest  child. They walked to the car. He opened the door. He placed his youngest into a car seat. He put the  other in there seats. He helped them with there seat belts. He closed the door.  

He went to the drivers seat and got inside. He started the car. He headed to the cofee shop. The cofee shop was a favorite of the family.  He had been a favorate of his late wife. 

It was a short drive from the home to the cofee shop. He parked the car in the parking lot. He stoped the car. He got out of the vehicle. He picked up his youngest daughter maci and took the hand of bailey.  They walked to the cofee shop. He opened the door. He and baily went inside. 

He saw the girl at the counter. It was tess. He had no idea that she worked there.  He had not really talked to her sense the church dinner.  He probably would be the last to know that she was working somewhere. 

A part of him wanted to leave. The girls were looking froward to getting donuts. He decided to go though with it. 

He put maci in a booster seat. He got a chair for baily. “Hi pastor. ” she said.”hi tess. ” he said. He ordered a bunch of donuts and ice cofee for him. She brought the box of donuts abd his cofee to his table. She made google eyes with macci. She teased her back. He thanked her for bringing the donuts out. 

He broke off a donut and gave it to her. He broke up another donut for baily. Maci could be a messy eater so he gave her the least messiest of the donuts.  She gigled as she eat it.  

Tess watched them from the counter. She chuckled.  She realy loved his kids. They were sweet and funny.  She loved watching him intetact with the kids. She found it very endearing.  

It was her break time.  The kids and the pastor were still there.  She came over to the table. “Hey i am on my break . can i join you?” she asked. “Go for it!” he said. She sat down. 

“Do you want a donut?” he asked. “No thank you. I am kinda donut out. Pitfals of working at a donut store.” she said. He chuckled. ” i understand. “He said. 

“Do you like your donut mace?” she asked. She smiled and said yes.  ” do you like your donut bail?” she asked. She said yes. 

“How long have you worked hear?” she asked.  “A mounth. ” she said. “I had no idea that you worked hear. We come once a mouth.  It is a tradition. I try to have friday as family day. ” he said.  

“Thats a good idea. I like that. ” she said.  “The kids look froward to it. ” he said “definitely.  I can see why. ” she said. 

She had to get back to work. He had pooped his pants.  He tried to sneaked out and before she noticed he had an accident.  Again he started to let his gaurd down with tess. Again his bowels betrayed him.  

He picked up his youngest. He held macci by the hand. She said goodby to the pastor. She waved to the girls. She smiled and chuckled. 

She day dreamed for a seccond. She imagined being his wife. He would hold hands with her. She would hold macci in her arms. He would have baily hold his other hand. Who knew mayby she would have a bun on the ovin. Hey this was her fantasy. It was a fantasy.  

Then she cane back to reality. Why did he seem to withdraw?  It made no sense. They seamed to have chemistry. 

He drove home. He brought the kids inside. He put maci down for a nap. She fell asleep. He went to the bathroom. His diaper was very very full. He pooped more then he thought.

He took wipes and wiped his but.He cleaned thoroughly.  He put on a fresh diaper. He felt so much better. He really hoped that he did not poop again today. 

He did not think about tess that day.  He did like her but he could not give it a chance.  It was just too big of a risk. He was determined to avoid her. 

Tess decided that she kinda liked him she wanted to explore the posibility of a relationship with him. 

Next up.

Tess considers the posibility of a relationship with dale. Dale wuthdraws further from her. 

Transabled girl

a pastor son meet a girl in a wheal chair. all is not as it seems.

Mia and her family started attending the church my farther pastored. I was an asistent and youth pastor. I had graduated from bible school and was being mantored by him. I was kept buisy. I did not mind at all. 

Mia was five eight. She was fairly tall. She had long hair. She was in a wheal chair. She wore a white sweter with a black dress. She wore flip flip. Her waist area was very puffy. I had a prety good idea that she was wearing a diaper. Despite her, the family seemed prery healthy. I had no idea that what happened.  I was not dure if she was born paralize or if her paralysis was due to some kind of injury. I suspected the letter.  It was really none of my business. I do not want to embarrass her or pry.  

Despite the paralysis, she was still very attractive. I wanted to meet her. My dad and mom had gone over to meet her and her family. I realy wanted to meet her.

I was prety buisy getting ready for the service.  I was able to introduce myself before the service began. I did get to shake her hand.  

After the service, i got to talk to her some more. “I am glad you all came. ” he said. “Thank you. ” she said..”we are a really good church. I hope you will consider making it your home church.  ” i told her. She said that it was up to the whole family. She said she enjoyed her time today.i was pleased to hear that.  It apeared that it was a posibility that they continue to attend the church. 

They did continue to attend the church. They became a key part of the church.  I was glad to see them..i was especially glad to see mia. It did not brother me that she was disabled. It did not even brother me that she wore. Diapers or that she only went to the bathroom in them. 

I noticed that she could feed herself. I came to the conclusion that she did not have ms or lou gericks. I suspected that this was some kind of accident or injury. 

She was very sweet . she seemed to have a good sense of humor. I took every opportunity i could to talk to her. I really enjoyed talking to her. I hoped that she felt the same way. 

After it had been several months of them attending the church, i decided to ask her out on a date. I went over to her. “Mia i was wondering if we go out sometime.  ” i said.

She smilled and laughed. Are you asking me out on a date? ” she asked. I smilled.  “Yes i am. Will you go out with me?” i asked. “Of course David. I would love to. ” she said. 

“Do you want me to pick you up. Do you think you can get into my truck without trouble?” i asked. “Yes. It should not be a problem. ” she answered. She smilled. “Alright.very well. “I said. 

I picked her up the next friday. I parked my truck.  Her dad whealed her to my truck. “You take care of my little girl david. ” her farher said. “You have my word that i will. ” i told him.”good. ” he said.

I helped her out of the chair and into the truck. She had braided her hair. She wore a pink blouse and gray skirt and sandles. She put the sea belt on.

I put her wheal chair on the back of the truck. “It must be easy having a diasbled daughter? ” i asked. He had an unusual response. He had an unusual facial expression.  ” of course it is difficult ” was all he said in response. 

I got in the truck. “I have been wating for this moment ever sense you and your family first attending our church. ” i said.

“Really sense then?” she asked. He smiled.  “Yes. Sense then. It was more of a crush back then. Now that i know you i stil feel the same. Even more so now. Now i feel like i like you im truth. ” i said. 

We drove to thr resturant. I got her chair out. I drove the chair near her seat. I picked her up and brought her to her chair.  I closed the door. I whealed her inside. I brought her to a table.  

The waitress went out of her way to help her. Everyone seemed woried about her.  “Must not be easy having everyone doting on you. If it was me i think it would drive me crazy.  ” i renarked. 

“Look david i need to tell you something. I should have told you before. It is not easy.” she said. “Oh!” i remarked. I was a bit perplexed.  I had no idea what it was she wanted to tell you. “You see i am not really disabled.  ” she told me. I was really confused.i was not expecting that. “What? Your not? ” i asked in response.  

“No i am not disabled. There is nothing wrong with me. My leg work perfectly fine. ” she told me. At this point i was really realy confused. 

“your not diasbled? ” i asked. “No not at all. ” she answered. “You are in a wheal chair.  I know you wear diapers.  I know you use them.  I must confess i am really confused. ” i told her.  

“I am not diasbled.  I am what some have termed Transabled.  ” she told me. Now i was really confused.  I had never heard that term. I had no idea what it ment. 

“Excuse me! Whats transable?” i asked. “Well basically. I am perfectly healthy. I dont feel right. I feel like i should be disabled. I want to be disabled so i live disabled. ” she said.

“What?  So let me get this straight. You ate able bodied yet you chose to live as if your disabled even though your not? ” i asked.

“Dont look at me like that. Dont judge me..i work a job. I contribute to society.  I dont feel right being a healthy person. I chose to live disabled. ” she said. 

“Why do you wear diapers?” he asked.”i dont feel like i should be potty trained. I find diapers comfortable and comforting. ” she said.  

“Dont you feel that God created you to be healthy. Should int you be thankful? Most who are disabled would love to be able bodied.” i said.

“Its not that simple. I canot function as a healthy person.  I tried. It does not work. ” she said. ” this is a psycological issue?” i asked. “Am i psychotic?  Yes and no.  I have psycholigical isues. This is real. I do not plan to change. ” she said. 

I was surpised by all of that.  This was a very odd first date. Perhaps one of the weirdest on record. 

“I never thought that this was the case. Is there any thing else i should know?”i asked. “I really like cheez its!” she told me.

I never considered calling it off with her. She thought we were done that day. I called her a few days latter. We went on a second date. Then a third. 

After a time we oficialy started to date. She told my parents the truth. Like me they were shocked at first. They finaly came around to it. 

I was concerned that her muscles might atrophy. She did spend time out of her chair. She did walk around some thiughout the day. Her doctor knew all about her proclivities and worked with her. I wanted her doctor to tell her this was insane and to knock it off. That was not what happened.  The doctor seem to suport it. They did not discourage it. Postmodern thought i suppose.  My parents did not object to us moving forward so we did. 

We dated for a time.  I perposed and she said yes. We maried on a beutiful spring day. We had three kids. A boy and two kids. I worked a secular job but served as an unpaid assistant pastor at my dads church.  

I started to candidate at several churches. We informed the pulpit comitee of whats what with my wife. The whole church did not know. I ended up pastoring a fundamental bsptist church. 

While i will never understand the whole trabsabled thing i do love her. I always will. 

The end. 


Transable is a relutivly new term.  As i understand it it is someone who fells they should be disabled.  It us seen more in guys. I saw an article on facebook about a transable girl.
This story is not ment to endorse or to critical of trabsable. It is just a story.  

The disabled girl.

a pastor’s son and a disabled girl get together.

Jake was the pastor’s son. He had graduated from bible school.  He worked as an over night manager at a grocery store. He was the unoficial co pastor,assistant pastor and youth pastor. He sat in on deacons meetings and was a member of the truste bored. He was working towards ordination but had been given a lisence to preach by the church.  

He was handsome. Many young ladies hoped to snatch him. He resisted there entreaties.  Some suspected he was committed to being a bachelor.  That was not the case. His dad told him when its right you won’t have to ask if its right. 

He was content to wait. He kept himself buisy. It did not brother him that he had not found miss right.  He felt like he was where he needed to be.he believed he was doing what he needed to do. He was content.  

For some reason wheb someone gives up on love, love seems to show up a week or so later. That was how it was with jake. Just as he had accepted the posibility of perpetual singleness,  she showed up.  

Jake was getting things ready going for the service. A new family started to walk up the ramp. There was the patents and four kids of various ages. Then there was her. 

She had long brown hair. She had braided it in the middle. She was about five six. She wore a brown blouse and a gray skirt and dress shoes. She apered to be in her early twenties.  She seemed perfectly normal.  That is, except for the fact that she is in a wheal chair. 

He saw her from a distance.  He felt draw to her. She was prety. She did not look disabled. She apeared nornal just in a wheal chair.  He wanted to meet her.

As the unoficial co pastor it was his job to welcome guest. It would be even if he was joe church member. This gave him an in with her. At least he hoped it did. 

He went over to Them. “Hi welcome to avery baptist church. I am the assistant pastor Jake deen. My dad is the pastor.  “He said.

Her dad introduced themselves. “Hi i am ross mulligan.  This is my wife sandra, my daughter kat, janey jack and lissa. ” he said. 

He shock there hands and greated each of them. When he came to kat,he lingered a few seconds more. He realized that fact then retracted his hand. She seemed shy nervous. 

He knew nothing about her beyound her name. He did not know how she came to her paralysis. Was it a car accident?  Was it an ilnes?Was she born without being able to walk? He figured she was not transabled. He figured it was a real disability not in her head. 

“Are you new to the area?” he asked.” job relocated me. I work for edson industries. .i am taking over as director of eastern operations. ” her farther said. 

He tried not to stare at her. It made her nervous. She thought he found her a freak. What really happened was thst he found her really attractive. He was admiring her.  He knew that he was probably out of line so he backed off. 

After a while they went inside. He hoped that they would contiue to attend there church. 

They continued to come. He said hello to them. He made sure that he said a personal hello to kat. 

He wanted to chat with her but was scared to. He waited a while. Then after a couple of mounths, he decided to go see her. It was during a church dinner. He went over to her.  He sat next to kat. 

“Hi” Jake said. “Hi . do i call you pastor or can i call you Jake? ” kat asked.  “Jake is fine. ” he said. “Ok.hi jake. ” she said.  “Hi kat. ” he said. 

She seemed nervous.  He had no idea why. “I am glad you and your family have been comming to our church ” he said. “Yes. We like it hear.  ” she told him. “I am glad to hear that. I am so glad you are all hear. You are already an important part of this church family.” he told her. “Thank you. That means a lot. “Kat said. 

“We love to see new people at the church. We especially are excited to see new families at the church. ” he said. 

“You have not asked me about my disability . I cant believe your not curious!” she remarked. 

“I must admit that i am but i dont want to be rude. ” he said. “Its ok. I was riding my byke. A car slammed into me. He was distracted. He did not realize it. He drove off. Luckily another driver stopped and called 911. I am paralyzed from the waste down. ” she said. 

“I am so sorry to hear that. I feel bad that that happened.” he told her.”i am at peace with it. I was devisated when it first happened. I slipped into a deep depression and stayed there for a long time. I am over it now.  I have accepted it. It does not brother me any more.  ” she said.

He tried to talk to her when ever he could.  He enenjoyed talking  to her. At first she was fairly elusive.she seemed to back off quite a bit.  He refused to let her slipp away for too long. He kept pursuing her.

She was reluctant to let him in. Not because she was not interested in him. She had a secreet. The accident left her saverly incontinent. She wore adult diapers. She was totaly fecaly and bladder incontinent.  It made her very self conscious and insicure. She was told she could have children. She Was afraid that it he learned the truth ,he would want nothing to do with her.  

He kept pursuing her. She kept him at arms laungh for a time. After a while she started to falter.  She let him in a little bit more and more.

“What is your thoughts on us? ” kat asked him after a few mounths of them meeting each other. “Well, i realy like you. I am extremely open to a relationship to you. I am open to considering marriage.  ” he told her. 

“I see. I suspected that but i was not totaly sure.  ” she told him. “Are you open to such a relationship? ” he asked her. “I am open to such a relationship.  The acident did number on me.  Not only did i loose the use of ny legs but it did a number on other bodily functions.  You see i cant control my bowels and bladder. I am not poty traned any more. I tried to re learn it but was unsuccessful.  I gave up. ” she said.

“Do you wear diapers? ” he asked. “I do. I get pretty messy. If that scares you its ok. If this is a deal breaker to any future relationship, its ok. I totaly understand.  ” Kat said.

“No i am ok with it. ” he said. “Are you sure?” she asked.  “Yes i am totaly sure. ” he tried to assure you. “I have not datted sense the acident. I need to know your really in this. “Shs said. He asured him he was.

They hung out for a while. Then they decided to go on a date. They went to a restaurant.  She gave herself an enima. She wore extra adsorbent diaper. She always brought a diaper bag with her. She wore an adult onesie. She wore a dress. 

The date was a huge success.  It fostered nore dates.  After a time they decided to become an official cocouple. He eventually proposed and she said yes. They were maried at his dads church.his dad officiated the wedding.  

After the wedding they went home. He had built a house from the esate of a late great uncle. They decided on a stay cation honymoon. Neither one were interested on going on a trip or anything.  

He brought in her wheal chair.  He then picked up her and caried her across the threshold. She loved it. He layed her on the bed.

She was powerless.  He tore off her wedding dress.  He took ofg her corsets and slips.  He unclasped her bra and pulled it off. 

Her diaper was very full. It was fillef with poop and pee. He pulled it off.he leaned over so she could unbutton his shirt. He had pulled off his suit coat. She was able to get off his coat. 

She unzipped his pants.  She pulled most of it off.he did the rest. She took off his underware. He was gentle as he got on top of her. 

She had pee while they were undressing. He had watter proof the bed in preperation for her moving in. She was humiliated but she had to get used to it. 

He thrusted himself in her. She could not feel her legs. She could feel his thing inside her. She begged him to keep going. He got more and nore aggressive.  He finished.

They cuddled afterwards. She peed while they cuddled.  It did not brother him. He put a fresh diaper on her.  He cleaned the bed.

They both liked sex.  She became pregnant.  She gave birth to twin girls.a few years later she had a son. They were a  happy couple.  

The end.


This is a work of fiction and fantasy.  I did not do any reserch into disability.  I may have gotten the science wrong.  I pulled this out of thin air. It is not designed to be scholarly.   I do this for fun. I could be way off gourd on the science and probably am. 

In the hospital 

A husband and wife sneek relations while she is hospitalized.

Julie and gary had been maried for three years.  They had twins and a younger baby. They were stil very much in love.  

One day julie was infected by a rate virus. While munute julie and Gary was siting on the couch. Then as she got up to go into the kitchen to get a drink of watter,she colapsed.he dialed 911. 

Am ambulance was immediately dispatched to the home. She was examined.  She was rushed to the hospital. She was found to have a rare virus. It was not life thretining. It was not communicable.  She was treated with antibotics. 

Gary stayed by her side. He was so woried. He loved her. He refused to leave her side. She always knew she could count on him. She knew that in this case as well. 

He looked her over in her hospital gowan. He found that he was horny.  He had no idea why. He had not been with her sense a day before the collapse.  He really wanted to jump her but in the hospital would probably not be appropriate.  He resisted.  

He always had a bit of a medical fetish. He did not really made it public. He knew it excisted. Gary was mild manored. Despite his restraint he had a vivid imagination.  

Julie recovered fairly quickly. After a week she was alowed to be discharged.  On the day before,  he went over to her bed. He had a michivious smile. She did an eye roke followed by a loud sigh. She spoke gary . she knew persisly what he was thinking.

He went inside her gowan. He touched her boobies. Her niples were very stimulated.  He was really woried about getting caught. What would they say. He could wait until the next day but he did not want to.

She did not tell him to stop. He pulled up her gowan. She unzipped his pants and pullef down his pants and underware. He got on top of her.

They both found this exciting.  It was a bit risky. As a maried couple who waited until they were maried to be intimate it was peemitted. Ina hospital might not be appropriate.  If they were caught they could feign ignorence. They were not told that they could not. 

He went inside. He was always so agresive. He was a philosopher on the streets but a warier in the sheets.  She would not have it any other way. She was shy reserve herself. She was farely agresive in the bed room herself.  They really went at it.

After they put there cloths back on. They stil cudfled.the next day she got dressed.she put on a green sweater gray skirt and flio flops. She was whealed outside. They went home and went at it again.

The next time she went to the doctors for folow up she was given a clean bill of heath.  She was td she would have to be hospitalized in nine mouths or so. Neither one werw surprised. 

The end.